Police Composite Drawings
(1992 – 1994)

While riding the subway to my studio, I noticed a discarded newspaper on the seat opposite. The open page revealed a sketch of a subject being sought by the police. How does this system of drawing work to successfully identify the subject? I had to find out more…

Stephen Spretnjak: concept, organizer, and "target subject".
Composite Artist: Officer Kevin Sampson of the New Jersey State Police Department
Eyewitnesses: Richard Price, Judith Linhares, Saul Ostrow, Karin Davie, Devin Golden, Greg Drassler, George Minot, Ann Carter, Marianne Stikas, Joan Stennick, Dennis Elliott, Jeff Smith, Dona Nelson, Steve Keister, Marcia Scanlon and Lawrence Lockridge, Lochi Sampson, and Officer Kevin Sampson.

Standard Police Format – pencil on paper 9 X 12 inches each.
17 Composite Sketches – 18 Report Forms (one dual sketch).

Inspired by the nine-gallery exhibition celebrating Richard Price’s novel "Lush Life", I zerox the Police Composite Sketch as described from memory by Richard Price (1993). He was the first of 18 "eyewitnesses" to create a sketch. At that time, he was writing the screenplay for "Mad Dog and Gloria" staring Robert Deniro. I also tape several to The New Museum windows because their exhibition of Ms. Neuenschwander’s work includes "First Love" working with a police composite artist.

2010 "Lush Life", Posting Police Composites around the galleries

2008 "What's in a Face", Long Island University.
"Caught in the Act", Northbrook Public Library, Long Island.

2000 "Together Working"
Creative Arts Center, Durham, NH.
Emil Lowe Gallery, Hempstead, NY.
Contemporary Art Center, Colorado Springs, CO.

1994 "Open Studios", The Marie Walsh Sharpe Program, NY.

Features: Portrait Magazine, Issue 5, May 2004, cover & article.

Map locating places I fixed sketches on or near the 9 Lower East Side Galleries and The New Museum.
Review Photograph from The New York Times Friday Review "Lush Life" showing my Police composite sketch on a wall outside a gallery.