My art making process is an investigation into those sudden, unexpected, and vivid moments of awareness in which the everyday world transforms into the extraordinary. During these circumstantial moments, the tangibility of the world becomes a flickering light breathed into the material mass of objects. A secret existence is revealed. Flashes of illumination magnify to the point of hallucination. Time, movement, and space echo...expand...and acquire the limitlessness of free verse composition. As with all poetics, the act of translation occurs between the slippage of word and image.


Since 1979, I have worked with with mixed-media collage.


Works on paper are a combination of found scraps from mass media sources, stills and photographs from my film/video works, recorded dream texts, poetics, and drawings. These conceptual documents allow the viewer access to my stream-of-consciousness, stream-of-narrative process. For gallery exhibitions, the journal-like pages on 9 x 12 inch paper are slipped into clear envelopes, then installed as floor-to-ceiling grids. I also use pocket-sized 4 x 6 clear envelope booklets.


In 1990, I began to record images using 16mm film and High 8 video. Sequences are projected within site-specific locations. I alter the exhibitions spaces to create an arena for the viewer to move through and to discover the projected reality. A work in Thread Waxing Space utilized the abandoned facotry elevator. In the brick walled basement gallery, E.S. Vandam, I fabricated a 4 x 8 foot loft type windown then projected between the venetian blind and sill. For the month long 24-hour work in the windows of the New York Public Library (2005), I looped my poetic texts between images.