Text cut-out from the NY Times art reviews

"Missing Pictures"

This composition is an investigation of originality and influences as young artists rummage through the last century of figure painting. They evoke a laundry list of other artist-style painting. "A game of Where's Waldo?" "This is like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again." The works are "like" or "as well as" in their mimicking, copying, riffing-on, evoking, and appropriation... masters like Picasso, Leger, and Dubuffet, ...like Kelly, Pantone and Comme des Garsons. Like Schwitter's collages, hers include ...Like a Richard Prince joke painting ...stamped with phrases like "Copy Me"... This is "an analysis of their droppings".

Quadrille grid paper
70 pages
7 inches x 5 inches

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